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Q:  How much is a private party or event?


Party Booking:

1) Parties are when the host or hostess pays the Official Finklepott Fairy to sparkle guests at the event. Our rates start at $300, which is 100 strands plus travel fee of $1/mile round trip as calculated by Maps/Waze/Mapquest. Often this is 10 guests getting 10 strands each, but can also be 5 guests receiving 20 strands each or any combination that adds up to 100 strands. Sometimes, due to distance we may require 150 stands or 200 strands.


2) Mixers are when each guest pays for their own Finklepott's Original Fairy HairTM at the event. A guest minimum is required, and it is based on the distance that your Fairy must travel. The Fairy will then provide you with an event invitation to share with your guests as a SignUp Genius link. Two days before the event, your guests will receive a reminder of their appointment. A commitment of the required minimum must show on the SignUp Genius within 48 hours of the event. If your minimum has not been reached, at the discretion of the Fairy, your event may be cancelled or rescheduled to another date where your minimum requirement may be obtained successfully. This type of event is perfect for a sip and sparkle party, ladies night, church group or book club event. Or even as a team-builder at your place of work!


3) Business Events

We are available for a pop-up and corporate events. Christmas/Holiday parties are often booked up to a year in advance. It is never too early to save your date! With this option we charge $150 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours plus travel fee ($1/mile) We fuse 2-3 strands of Finklepotts Original Fairy hair for up to 3 hours. 

Please fill out this party request and we will contact you.

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