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Finklepott's Fairy Hair Party Agreement

Exclusive purveyor of Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair ™
THE MOST MAGICAL Fairy Hair in the World .
Thank you for hiring us!


Here you will find all the information needed for

hiring us at your Party.

Parties or events in which the host or hostess pays the Official Finklepott Fairy to Sparkle guests at the event.

  • Our minimum is $300, which is 100 strands plus travel. This type of event is perfect for a birthday party.

  • For this type of event, please click here or see below.

  • If you are not interested in a self-pay party, and would like to treat your guests by paying for the party completely, please click here.

  • If you would like to hire us by the hour, Please contact your local Official Finklepott Fairy here if you wish to discuss this event option further.


For hosting us at a PARTY,

please click below on the Finklepott's Party Agreement

TWO (2) Page PDF.

Please read this prior to your event so you are familiar with it.


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