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Finklepotts Fairy Hair in Illinois!

Meet The Team

Fairy Maryanne & Suzanne

Fairy Maryanne 
Fairy Suzanne

Chicago, IL

Fairy Maryanne and Fairy Suzanne are the sister fairies sparkling up and down the state of Illinois. Born and raised in Melrose Park, Illinois, they have planted roots deep within the neighborhood just outside the city of Chicago and have lived there ever since.


When Fairy Maryanne first discovered Finklepott’s Fairy Hair, just before the pandemic, she knew her younger sister, Suzanne, would be the perfect partner in flight. The Fairy-Anne’s can be found in neighborhoods all around northern Illinois, from Antioch down to Morris.



Fairy Maryanne

Maryanne is just as colorful as Finklepott’s Fairy Hair! She is a dog mom at heart. Her two rescues, Spanky and Piggy, are big brother and sister to Simon, the chunkiest Frenchie with two different-colored eyes. Before she became a fairy, Maryanne often volunteered her time at pit bull rescues and fostered dogs until they found their fur-ever homes.


When the sun is shining, Maryanne loves taking her Jeep to Montrose Beach and enjoying live music at The Dock, or sunbathing on one of her many rafts in the family’s backyard pool. She’s always ready for an adventure, whether it be seeing an up-and-coming country artist at a local bar. Nothing keeps Fairy Maryanne from being wholeheartedly herself, and Finklepott’s Fairy Hair is one way she encourages and inspires others to do the same.


Fairy Suzanne

Suzanne lives with her husband and two of her three daughters. A hard-working mother of three daughters. She balances her time between work, friends, family and making her clients happy - and she does a pretty good job! There is nothing more important to her than her family.


When Fairy Suzanne does find some time to herself, she loves getting her nails done for whatever holiday or celebration is coming up next, taking her daughters on adventures ranging from strolling through a pumpkin patch to exploring the parks at Walt Disney World and going to as many beaches with palm trees as possible. She also loves some juicy reality TV drama…Vanderpump Rules marathon, anyone?


Fairy Suzanne spends her time doing whatever she can to put a smile on the faces of those around her. Now, she just adds a little sparkle to their smiles, too!

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