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Finklepotts Fairy Hair in Mississippi!
Fairy Carson

Fairy Carson has been a Finklepott Fairy since 2018, and comes from the realm of Middle Tennessee.


Carson hails from a musical and theatrical background, so it is not uncommon to witness this whimsical fairy dancing without music, humming or whistling a tune, or just popping into character whenever the mood strikes him! He loves to make people (especially children) laugh out loud, and he always has a smile on his mustachioed face.


Look for Fairy Carson all over the mid-south, at vendor shows, county fairs, festivals, flea markets, or anywhere people love to SparKle!

Fairy Carson lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Aimée, their son, Nikolas (the delightful redhead), two dogs, Tater & Bella, and their eccentrically vocal cat, His Royal Highness, Colonel Cuddles D. Duddlesworth, III, Esq., Ph. D., D.D.S. (Dudley)

Finklepott’s Original Fairy Hair ™️
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